Falls City Beer wanted a unique way to reach out to fans and partners, so we created a few concepts for them and developed two silent video series that would play from interactive augmented reality coasters and some interview style videos with sound.


Rose Blade Creative coordinated video (and photography) coverage of the Louisville Muse Cruise and worked with a cinematographer to weave together footage from Gopros and the Red camera into 3 videos to feature the headlining music acts from the event.



Awakening is a short film directed by Antonio Pantoja and was created as a team effort for the 48 hour film festival 2015. Rose Blade Creative CEO Jessica served the team as producer, acquiring sponsors, assisting with casting, location scouting and keeping everything streamlined as the team had 48 hours to write, shoot, and edit the short film around a genre and certain specific items to include. The film has won multiple awards from multiple festivals, including "Best Short Film," "Best Supporting Actress," "Best Cinematography" and "Best Costumes."

A mechanical engineering professor at Purdue wanted to make an interesting video that made a lecture concept a little more fun and engaging than just teaching in front of a board.

We provided writing, casting and video production services to create a humorous video to convey his lesson .